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TNT, what’s that about?

It’s our monogram.  The “N” of Nordskogen got transferred to between the “T”s of Theater Troupe.  It also gave us our motto “We’re Dynamite!”




Can we use your plays?

If you ask nicely and are not paid for your performance, i.e. you sold tickets and made money for yourself/group.  If you are going to use them to raise money for another SCA group/non-profit that will be willing.




Can we have the script for a play that is not original?

I’m not in charge of the copy write for those plays.  You will have to get them for yourself.




You spelled “troup” wrong!!!!1!

I did spell it right.  My Word program puts the red squiggly line of misspelling under troup, and it looks funny without that “e.”

Also, you didn’t ask a question.




Are sock puppet plays period?

Well, they had socks in period.  Putting one on your hand and making it talk is a natural outgrowth.




Can you come to our group/event and perform?

That will depend on a lot of things.  When do you want the play?  Where is your event/group?  Do you have a spot for us?  You might get a yes or a no depending on your answers.  If you answered next week, thousands of miles away from Nordskogen, and maybe; the answer from us will be “No.”*




How long does it take to put on a play?

It takes a few months to put on a play.  Most of it is getting actors for all the parts and rehearsals.

Ooh, I have an idea!  Can you do <this play>?

Are you willing to be in it?  No?  Then sorry, we can’t.*

*There is a bit of a change in this, in the 2011 12th Night Raffle,  a performance is being raffled off.  We are allowing the winner to choose the play and not be in it. (Unless they really want to!)