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This is the homepage for the Nordskogen Theater Troupe (TNT).  We are a sub-group of the Barony of Nordskogen, in the Kingdom of Northshield, with in the Society for Creative Anachronisms  (SCA). 


Our plays date before the 1600s (sometimes), but we have done a few originals.  We do a lot of comedies.  We have done mummer’s plays, Shakespeare, commedia dell Arte, sock puppet plays, and more.  We try to be accurate as possible, but we do love the “Creative” in SCA.


Lady Genevieve Elisabeth Dumas and Lady Margareta Sausfyle founded TNT. They soon were joined others, including current director Lady Nuala.


In the fallowing pages, there are sections about our plays, a photo gallery, links to other theater on the web, theater history, and more about us.


On average, we at TNT are not professional actors/theater people.  We do this because it’s fun.  So don’t whine about the Xena outfit.  I mean it.